The best events are characterised by a fleeting, brilliant moment. It’s hard to pin down exactly what the moment is—let’s just say time slows down, the seconds stretch out and every pair of eyes is fixed on a single point. The moment is real and unreal. It’s emotionally rousing. It’s a thunderbolt. It generates content that’s rapidly captured, grammed and shared, ensuring the moment is paused, rewound, replayed by thousands.

Kat&Co specialises in producing these stop-everything moments—be it a custom scent that swallows up a room or 25,000 flickering candles in a sprawling, verdant landscape; a recreation of the gardens at Versailles. Founded in 2012, after a decade working with leading creative producer David Grant, our award-winning, full service event management agency is regarded for its inimitable, authentic concepts and precise execution. As extended brand custodians, we work closely with luxury fashion houses, major retailers, media networks and publishers to create concept-driven experiences and activations that maximise impact and investment.

No two Kat&Co events are the same—no two are even similar. Carefully curated, with every element hand-selected, they’re devised by a full time, in-house team with global experience in creative strategy and production.

The Awards

  • Winner, Australian Event Company of the Year 2015

  • Inaugural winner, Australian Event Awards Young Achiever of the Year (Kat&Co founder Katerina Grant)

FIG. 7 Princess Diana and John Travolta dance at the White House, 1985.



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