Our world is changing at lightning speed. As humans connect increasingly online, we crave meaningful connections up close: with friends and strangers, with the earth we inhabit. We seek out tactile encounters that jolt us back into our bodies, digital interactions that enhance the physical, fantasies we can climb inside that remind us we’re alive.

The most powerful of these interactions involve a single, perfect moment. It’s hard to pin down exactly what that moment is—let’s just say time slows down, the seconds stretch out and every pair of eyes is fixed on a single point. The moment is emotionally rousing. It generates content that’s rapidly captured and shared—ensuring it’s paused, rewound and replayed by thousands.

Kat&Co specialises in creating these stop-everything moments. Driven by an obsession with sensory engagement, our award-winning creative agency builds conceptually ambitious experiences that act as portals into other worlds—or transform the one we’re in. Imagine a custom scent that swallows up a room. A blow-up universe, unlocked only via smartphone. 25,000 flickering candles illuminating a sprawling, verdant landscape. A wharf turned time capsule that brings the rapture of an 80s New York nightclub to Sydney Harbour.

For nearly a decade we’ve worked as extended brand custodians. We partner with luxury fashion houses, major retailers, media networks and publishers—innovators driven by the same urge as us, to connect with people on a deeper level. With every project, we work to be better: more sustainable, more transportive, more strategic in maximising client impact and investment.

No two Kat&Co productions are the same—no two are even similar. Carefully curated, with every detail thoughtfully considered, they’re devised by a dedicated team with global experience in creative strategy and production.

This is the future of experiences, and it’s in our DNA. “Everything you can imagine is real,” Picasso once said. He was right.

The Awards

  • Winner, Australian Event Company of the Year 2015

  • Inaugural winner, Australian Event Awards Young Achiever of the Year (Kat&Co founder Katerina Grant)

FIG. 11 Eugen Sandow, photographed by D Bernard & Co, 1902. Courtesy Wellcome images.



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