It is evening, and you are sitting at a circular table, but just maybe you are sitting on the moon. The chalky surface before you is pockmarked, uneven—salt mounds mimicking the imprints of lava flows. Above you, a showstopping 8m gold chrome astronaut. In front of you, a real-life astronaut, Charlie Duke, shares stories from the moon worthy of folklore. You inhale an otherworldly aroma; the scent of moon dust, titanium and amber lingers in the air. For dessert, you consume a meteor, expertly balanced on a gold conical spike. The smoke of dry ice billows from its form, like a shooting star in motion. You are here, at this dinner party, hosted by Omega, to celebrate a 50th anniversary of the moon landing. You are also in intergalactic terrain—a place most only visit in dreams.

Omega Moon Landing 50th Anniversary Gala Dinner 2019

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